Buckle up. Here we go...! The soundtrack music is by Andrew Weatherall (with kind permission).


This is the film that Graeme showed on the Meet the Artist evening for his show An Absent Howl - at The Cornerhouse in Surbition on 4 September 2018.

Made for the Wandsworth Artists Open House event in October 2017. Shot on Tooting Bec Common by Sheilagh Fortinbras - assisted by Erasmus Tooley, Tommy Buttons and Gerd Rotkopf.


This film was made as a ual: Chesea college project - the brief was to present an everyday object in a way that would prompt the viewer to see it differently. The film was reworked in 2017 to remove some slightly jarring content and to tighten the rest up a bit.

The original film was shot in Brussels. The music was recorded as Jonny Quest back in 1986 and seemed to fit perfectly. Up and down. Up. And down.

Where the hell are we? Das ist nicht Berlin! Thanks to Rich Garland for the music.

The tricks that your mind plays when you've had a few pints on a hot sunny day. Filmed at Balham Bowls Club beer garden in the Summer of 2017.