Greyswood Times and other books

Graeme produces an occasional art book called Greyswood Times - usually issued to coincide with exhibitions of his work. Copies are available from our Blurb site using the links below:

Current issue:


Greyswood Times #3 - Time to go now?

Issued for Graeme's exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Surbiton - called An Absent Howl - in September 2018.

The book explores themes of absence and departure - as well as Graeme's work it includes contributions from many other artists, poets, writers and photographers.

40 pages.

Price: £8  (+ tax and postage)

 Back issues:


Greyswood Times #2 - Vales of memory and imagination

Issued for the exhibition of the same name at Sprout Arts in Tooting in April 2018 - where Graeme's work looked at how we are all our own constructs, continually creating our own narratives through our memories and imagination.

20 pages.

Price: £4  (+ tax and postage)

Greyswood Times #1 - There's nothing to see in here

Issued for the Wandsworth Artists Open House event in October 2017. It includes supporting pieces for some of the work exhibited then. Thematically all over the place, but hopefully thought-provoking.

20 pages.

Price: £4  (+ tax and postage)

Other books:


Kew Gardens

A new version of the Virginia Woolf short story Kew Gardens - which was first published as part of a collection in 1921. The book was produced as a college project by Graeme and is illustrated by his original photographs.

50 pages.

Price: £12  (+ tax and postage)