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About Us


Greyswood Art + Design was set up in 2016 by Julia and Graeme Armstrong as a vehicle for Graeme’s creativity which had remained dormant for most of the previous 30 years! This was reawakened by studying graphic design at ual: Chelsea – and he is now a full-time artist. 



Graeme's main body of work combines a graphic style with photographic source material to produce digital art prints – but he has also been known to lift a paint brush occasionally. He also sometimes works in film and music and has produced several multi-media works for past exhibitions. 


His art examines many themes. It looks at our place in nature, and the beauty and inevitability of decay – and considers our increasingly antagonistic relationship with our environment. More recent work explores ideas around memory and identity – and how we are all our own construct, creating our own personal narratives through our memories and imagination.