Heathen prophecies CD

Heathen prophecies CD

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The Heathen Prophecies is a series of short aural sketches composed in 2013 — constructed from field recordings that Graeme made between 1985 and 1988. They were released to coincide with the exhibition Vales of memory and imagination. Like the works on show they are an imagined representation of times and places from that period — providing an audio companion to the exhibition. Seven of the extra tracks were recorded during that time as Jonny Quest. The final track is a more recent Gerd Rotkopf piece — a remix of the soundtrack to the film Dead red baby head tree cancer.

Track list

Heathen prophecies

1 Why are you never in?
2 A change is as good as a rest
3 Singing is not new
4 Do what you like
5 Is that room clean Jim?
6 I’m the DJ
7 Life is tender and vulnerable
8 Do some damage
9 Meet in the middle
10 Prayer (kneeling in mud and water)

Extra tracks

11 Man from Papua New Guinea
12 De Vaucluse
13 Johnny Seven gun
14 Hello, are we ready?
15 Crutchless
16 Death burgers on George Street
17 Carla
18 Dead red baby head tree cancer