Vales of memory and imagination opens 17 April 2018


We are very excited to announce that Graeme has a new exhibition at Sprout Arts in April. Working from photographs, letters and audio recordings from the mid-1980s, Graeme Armstrong has created a series of imagined topographical scenes to represent that period of his life – collected under the title “Vales of memory and imagination”.

Graeme had this to say about his new work:

"We are our own construct. We create our own narrative through our memory and imagination. We are the sum of our experiences – but our view of these experiences can be faulty.  How much do we misremember and imagine? How does memory compare to imagination – and is remembering an act of creation in itself?
Where does our memory of long-unseen photographs and artefacts fit - is it a further level of removal from actual events? What do we remember – the photograph or what was happening when it was taken?"

Daily 11am-6pm  17th to 28th April (closed Mon 23rd)

Sprout Arts  74 Moyser Road SW16 6SQ